May 13, 2015

Use These 8 Restaurant Blog Post Ideas To Get More Customers. #7 Will Blow Your Mind!

Restaurant websites that get people to engage and come back for more have one thing in common:

A blog.

But you’re probably thinking:

“I know I need a blog on our restaurant’s website but I don’t know where to start.”

Today I have something for you that can help you out:

8 proven restaurant blog post ideas that you can start using right now.

1. Tell Them What’s New On The Menu And Create Awesome Shareable Content


Restaurant menus are a living, breathing thing.

That means that you should be changing them up. You should be removing underperformers and adding new items.

A new and exciting item makes for a great blog post.

You can talk about:

  • How you or your chef came up with it.
  • What makes it unique.
  • What other items/drinks/desserts it compliments.

You can also take some great pics of the new item to flesh out the post. (This has the added benefit of making the post more shareable on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterist).

New Menu Item Restaurant Blog Post Idea

2. Will The Best Item On The Menu Please Step Up

Every menu should have a couple “featured” items.

Theses featured items should be:

  • Delicious (goes without saying…even though I just said it)
  • Popular
  • Have a good food cost

In a word these items should be a draw for people to come into your restaurant and a real money-maker.

You should be finding ways to tell people about these great items…and through your blog is a great way.

You need to regularly post about these featured items and let people know about them.

3. Show The Love


People love a good story. It makes them feel connected.

James Altucher talks about the power of stories on his blog:

This was shown in a recent study where a guy bought a bunch of junk and then sold it on Ebay. He made $X. Then he re-sold it on Ebay but told a story under each product about where the product came from, why it was important, etc. It was still the same products but he made $X * 4.

Your employees all have a story. Tell people who story through your blog.

4. Tis The Season – 4 Posts A Year…Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

Seasons change and so do trends.

Just as fashion trends change over the years and the seasons so do trends in food.

As a new season starts you can talk to your readers about what is new on the food horizon.

For example:

In the summer people like to cool down. So you could write an article:

6 Cool Paleta Flavor Combinations To Freeze Out The Summer Heat

If you are truly ambitious you could even add one or more of them to your summer menu.

5. Tell Me What You Want…And Get 2 Blog Posts For The Price Of One


People want to feel like their voice matters. But…

Do you want to know the best part?

You can take advantage of that with this simple two-part post.

The first part is simple:

Write a short article telling your readers that you would like to get their input about your restaurant.

You can leave it as general.

Or you can give them a specific like “What new menu item would you like to see?”

Either way ask them to comment on the post or contact you with their suggestions.

Then for the second part:

Write another article detailing the best of the suggestions and how you are planning on implementing them.

This gives you two articles and let’s your customers feel like part of the action.

And as an added bonus these types of posts are social media gold mines.

6. You Have A Question For Me?

Who’s the one person your patrons almost never get to talk to but would love to?

Your chef!

Ask The Chef Restaurant Blog Post Idea

Give them the opportunity to ask him some questions.

You can post on your social media accounts that you are doing an “Ask The Chef” feature on the blog.

Then collect their questions and have the chef answer them.

The nice thing about this article is that it almost writes itself.

7. Tell Them How To Make Something And Get Them To Come In And Eat It Even More

Giving away your secrets is bad.


Not necessarily:

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I cook for my family virtually every day.

I have cooked in a professional kitchen.

I almost went to culinary school.

I have learned how to make hundreds of restaurant dishes.

My food is almost never as good as it is at the restaurant…

And when I get a chance to eat the dishes that I make myself at the restaurant I will always get them.

It is almost impossible to re-create a restaurant dish at home and have it be as good as the real thing.

Post some of the recipes for your most popular dishes.

Recipe Restaurant Blog Post Idea

Yes some small percentage of people will think “Cool…now I can make this at home and we never have to eat it at the restaurant again.”

But the majority of people will:

  1. Read the recipe
  2. Think “Wow that looks like a lot of work.”
  3. But it does look delicious.
  4. I think we need to go try it out.

Professional chefs that own multiple restaurants are constantly giving their recipes away online, in cook books and on tv…

You should be too.

8. Everyone Loves The Holidays

When I think of holidays I usually think of the food that goes with them.

Don’t you?

Using the holidays for blog posts just makes sense:

  1. It gives you article ideas for the entire year.
  2. These articles will always be trending when the holiday hits.

I like to focus holiday articles on entertaining for the holiday and the food you can prepare instead of focusing on how they can just come eat holiday food at the restaurant.

That doesn’t mean you can’t mention in the article some of the great food that you have that compliments holiday.

Let’s Put It All Together

Now you have the ideas:

It’s time to put together a plan.

Here is a quick and dirty way to plan an entire year of blog posts if you post once a week.

  • 4 – New Menu Item Posts
  • 12 – Featured Menu Item Posts
  • 12 – Employee Feature Posts
  • 4 – Seasonal Posts
  • 4 – Suggestion Posts
  • 4 – Ask The Chef Posts
  • 6 – Recipe Posts
  • 6 – Holiday Posts (Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

That adds up to 52 posts. One post a week.

Now It’s Your Turn

That wasn’t so hard was it?

Just like that you can build a simple plan and get your blog up and running in no time.

Now that I shared some great restaurant blog post ideas it’s time for you to get in on the action.

Leave me a comment with some restaurant blog posts ideas that you have used.


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